The Chicago Real Estate Minute

Excellent with communication

I thought they prepared us very well —they were excellent with communication. 

I thought they prepared us very well. At our initial sit down, they sort of mapped out the way that the process works, in the abstract. So the steps we could expect to go through and the rough timeline, once we put offers in and they were accepted. I thought that they were excellent with com­mu­ni­ca­tion. Meghan was in constant touch with us. ­ She was the agent that we primarily dealt with. Everything turned out right for us. They did a great job getting us into a position where, one, we were able to find the place that ulti­mate­ly did work for us. Two, we were able to learn on our own, and with their help, that the places that weren’t right for us. I think we saved ourselves a lot of trouble and a lot of heartache because the team as a whole, including all of the people that they bring into the process like the inspector Gregg Dimpfl, were so excellent. We were able to get an idea of when a place was more trouble than it was worth, so that ulti­mate­ly resulted in us getting the place we wanted at the right price.