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Home Staging: 73 tips to avoid screwing it up

The Chicago area has some great-looking homes on the market. Can you get a higher value with staging? Read the newest article in our Strategic Library to help answer all the questions. 
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Staging is all about per­cep­tion — how your home will be perceived, both online and in person, are within your control. Make a mistake and it can cost you in time, effort, headaches, and money.

To help make the decisions and process easier, today we answered the question: “Is staging my home worth doing?” We’ve put together a full article for home sellers, including all the infor­ma­tion you’ll ever need to make the home staging decision as easy as possible.

Our three top takeaways are:

  1. Perception is reality to your buyers
  2. An empty room looks smaller, not larger
  3. Each room has its own issues to tackle

Understanding what goes into staging is imper­a­tive for anyone wanting to get the highest price for their home. For all of the home staging tips, click to read the full article in our newly created Strategic Library, just for home buyers and sellers in the Chicago area.

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