The Chicago Real Estate Minute

About Us

The Nimick Team (a team at Keller Williams Chicago — Lincoln Park) lead by Dave Nimick, has always strived to give a deeper insight into the world of Chicago real estate than most encounter when working with their realtor. The team, made up of licensed realtors spe­cial­iz­ing in excep­tion­al client service, is among the most respected in the industry.

It is this drive to educate others about the real estate business that brought about the creation of the Chicago Real Estate Minute. We want this to serve as a source of detailed infor­ma­tion that can make you a savvy real estate expert.

If you’re looking for the standard boil­er­plate kissy-face fluff that can often be seen out there, you’re in the wrong place. If you like to know the real deal about the real estate industry on a more profound level, enjoy!

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